Home Tasking

Make-your-own Mannequin

When thinking about how to do something extraordinary with a pair of trousers, nothing that sounded especially extraordinary popped into my mind. But then I had another thought: What if the extraordinary aspect is making the trousers appear in their normal setting, but through a different medium? I walked around my apartment, searching for ways to portray my trousers, when I came across my brother’s crutches. I put the crutches into the legs of the pants, added a white blouse, a tie, and a jacket, and topped it off with a cap and sunglasses. Although it’s apparent there isn’t a physical human inside the pants, they still look seemingly normal-and that’s the extraordinary part! I created a new normal. I added some build-up music from the Rocky Balboa theme song to create dramatic effect. Here, you can watch my extraordinary creation!


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