Home Tasking

Welcome to the Quaranclub

For my bathroom nightclub, I took a creative spin on it by incorporating some common coronavirus qualms into the storyline. I wrote a sign on the door that said “Welcome to the Coronaclub” and handed the bouncer my ID. However, he did not accept it and pushed me out of the way so I came back with purell. Even though he didn’t accept my ID, he still let me into the nightclub in exchange for a squirt of coveted purell. Once I entered, the music was blaring and I handed the bartender cash to buy a drink. He did not accept the cash and only accepted toilet paper! This video shows what it would be like to attend a nightclub in today’s world. People would not accept money but only scarce items. This bathroom remodel was a lot of fun to create, and I really enjoyed finding various items in my home to incorporate that I never thought would fit in with the theme. For instance, I used blue and yellow wires as decorations as well as a red exercise band. 

Here is a link to my video!

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